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Text Resume Writing Service

What is a Text Resume?

First of all let’s be clear about, “What is a Resume?”

The Resume is a document consisting of a candidate’s professional abilities and official academic data.

Undoubtedly, the work of a resume is to represent these skills in such a way that it leaves an impact on the reader’s mind.

Now let’s talk about a Text Resume.

A Text Resume is a form of resume which consists of plain formatting. It serves the same function as a typical resume. The only difference between a typical resume and a text resume is simplicity.

A typical resume involves a rich format text, with fancy fonts, use of Bold & Italics, and Colored Graphics.

On the other hand, a text resume is very plain and simple.

Over all, it gives more attention to the content rather than the aesthetics.

Moreover, these are the key points describing a Text Resume:

  • A text resume is to the point simple text only.
  • In addition to this, a text resume comes in handy when a particular company asks for it before the original resume.
  • A text resume is also known as a plain text resume. It is much popular with this name because the formatting is plain in it.
  • Unlike modern resumes, a text resume acts as a functional alternative for quick assessment.
  • The “plain” word in such a resume may sound unofficial but there is a standard format while writing a text resume.

A Text Resume is carving the best of your skills on paper with the best efficient order.

The standard format of writing a text resume includes finishing your resume on one or two pages.

Most people ignore the little details in a text resume. For example, a writer does not use underlines in a text resume. Above all, the main focus remains in words rather than using different formats.

Moreover, a text resume is a demand-oriented resume. No attachment of extra or insignificant details is present in a text resume.

To sum it up all, a text resume is a basic document to convey your details in a powerful yet simple way.

Why should you hire a professional Text Resume writing service?

The technical formalities are always an obstruction in the modern era. The fast pacing corporate world is limiting time in so many ways.

There are many technical aspects of writing a text resume. Either you can learn them all in a span of time.

Or you can go for an experienced professional text resume writer saving your efforts as well as time.

Actually a plain text resume is something that is constantly in demand by the companies. For the quick selection, process companies go for advertising jobs.

When a job advertisement drops off in a market, it reaches a lot of candidates. Among these candidates, only 1% gets through the process of selection.

To be honest, the only difference between the selected and rejected candidates is their representational ability.

Those who are able to represent themselves are the one who gets the job. A resume letter is a best and foremost place to start with.

With the professional text-resume writer services, the candidate’s representational power is increased. The reason being the chances of your selection highly depends on your first impression.

When a professional resume writer develops your text-resume, you gain the advantage of a head-start.

These are the reasons why you should hire a professional writer for your Text Resume:

  • A professionally written resume gives you the advantage of experience from the very start.
  • An experienced writer saves your time as well as extra insignificant efforts.
  • In fact, a professionally written resume also acts as a cover letter to many job invitations.
  • A strongly written text resume helps you to stand out of the crowd which is always our motto.
  • It gives you the basic idea of presentation which provides a lot of importance in later interviews and screenings.

A professional CV writer knows it all:

You can be a student who is about to take a step ahead in your career. You may also be a polished professional in search of a better opportunity.

A certain range of jobs demands certain abilities and skills. They look for these abilities and skills in your text resume.

Especially, when you choose to go for a professional writer, he/she researches your company of interest.

To win the game, certain keywords usage is initiated by the writer. These certain keywords make you the person of interest in front of your recruiter’s eyes.

This is something very precious which boosts your confidence from the start.

What does a Professional Text Resume writer do?

The first work of a professional text resume writer is to analyze the type of job you are attempting for. A professional resume writer takes into account all the important factors.

These factors include your job classification and your skills with respect to it. The best part about a text resume is that it has a versatile usage.

Be it the corporate sector or noncorporate sector, a text resume has an overall usage.

To convince an employer that a candidate is eligible, the first thing is the professional gesture. It includes precise presentation and correct formatting of the resume.

A professional writer does it all
  • Choosing the best words and standard format.
  • Keeping in mind the demand of the recruiter.
  • Highlighting the best abilities and ignoring unnecessary details.
  • Emphasizing why you are the most eligible candidate for the job.
  • Cutting off extra usage of facts that are not needed at the moment.

Slight mistakes and silly typos can cost you a job. Especially when there are thousands of text resumes for very few posts.

The work of a writer is to create uniqueness in a limited amount of words. With the same format, others are using, a professional text resume writer makes sure that your qualifications are presented in the best way possible.

So many people can have the same academic excellence. Their skills can be equal too. Without meeting them personally, it becomes very difficult for a recruiter to choose one.

In that case, a recruiter starts looking for loopholes. Therefore the easiest method to overcome this dilemma comes out as professionalism.

The best text resume gets the clearance and the rest are filtered out. A writer makes sure that you are the one who gets the clearance.

How much does a professional text resume writer cost?

A resume writing service includes researching the candidate’s whole bio-data. A writer goes through every little and major qualification and achievements.

From major achievements to minor skills, every single positive aspect is taken into account.

Also, the writer researches about the concerned company or your recruiter if possible. This research and analysis help the writer to bring out a perfect text resume.

In most of the cases, a recruiter asks to submit the text resume via mail. The writer makes sure that the content is easy to forward and convenient to transfer in a suitable format.

Apart from this, we are here to provide you this service at a very reasonable cost. We have a dedicated team of writers to serve you within our deadline.

We have the following categorization for our service:


The best part of our service is that it is easily accessible. You can reach us out with just one click. You also don’t have to worry about the delivery date as we provide our service within the due date.

Another advantage of our service is that it’s accessible to professionals as well as beginners. Undoubtedly, we are here to help anyone who has the guts to take a step ahead.

These are the advantages of our text resume service:

  • Our text resume writing service comes in a reasonable case.
  • In addition to that, we provide quick delivery after the payment is initiated.
  • Besides that, we have a qualified team of experienced writers who available at your service any day and at any time.
  • Furthermore, we are not bound to a particular geographical location.
  • Last but not the least, we have easy means of contact between our customers and the writer.

Furthermore, writing a text resume is a matter of utter responsibility and our writers are fully aware of it. Your career is equally important to us as it is to you.

Therefore, we don’t miss any chance to create perfection in what we do.

The art of making every decision count

When we age with time, our priorities also change with it. From scoring good marks to getting a good salary, everyone wants stability in their life.

In order to make reasonable decisions in life, we have to risk certain things. Walking out of the comfort zone and chasing dreams is not everyone’s cup of tea.

When you start investing in little but strong steps like a text resume, your perspective regarding success change. Always keep in mind that assets like these never go in vain.

To be noticed in a crowd, you either have to be famous or act smart. Well, we can’t make you famous but by investing in our service you will definitely feel smarter.

Give us a chance to come to your service. In the meantime, you will realize why the people sitting at home are busy blaming the system. And those who dare to take a step are busy in changing it.

Because the greatest regret in life is the regret of not risking it all.

Change is the only constant in life. So, if you are a recently passed out student, change it. With this in mind, be a professional with us. If you are a bored professional, change it. Chase and get the job you deserve.

If you think your salary is less, change it. Let us help you to get to that company which values your skills.

Failure gives us lessons and success gives us a salary. Both are good but every single person wants to be successful because those lessons are not going to buy you a house.

So take a step ahead with us and believe in yourself. End those miseries in life which are disturbing your soul.

Either be a winner or change the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

In which format will I get my text resume?

You will get your text resume in pdf format.

How will I get my text resume?

Your text resume will be e-mailed to you.

How can I contact your writer?

You can contact our writer through whats-app, calling or e-mail. We will keep your convenience in our mind.

What type of information will you be taking from me?

We will be taking your resume for reference. Otherwise we will be asking for your academic and professional details. It will also include the job advertisement.

In how many days will I get my resume?

A maximum span of 3 days and your resume will be delivered to your e-mail id in no time.

Is there a cashback policy?

No. Once you pay us, we will make every possible move to give our best. You will realize that you don’t need such type of policy with us.

I am a student. Can I also take advantage of your service?

We have a motto to serve everyone who comes at our door. If you are a student then it will be a matter of pleasure to be a part of your first step towards success.

Do I have to provide my personal details to your writer?

Our customer’s privacy is our top priority. We won’t be asking any unnecessary details from you.

Which resume you prefer most, text resume or visual resume?

It’s upto you, but we do prefer Visual resume over text resume.

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