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What is a web resume?

A web resume or an online website resume is an online resume presented in the form of a website domain. Unlike other domains, the address of a web resume’s domain is based on your name.

For example, if your name is John Stuart then the address of your web resume domain should sound the same as in-

There is a number of sufficiently justified reasons to own a web resume listed below:

  • You already know that a conventional resume is limited by the laws of space and time.
  • You may try your best to show your 100% potential in a resume. Not to disappoint but the best you can reach is a max of 95% accuracy in presenting what you actually are with a conventional resume.
  • Due to this reason you need a web resume. You shall cover that essential 5% of your potential skill, which is hiding from your potential employee.
  • You can literally add any kind of information related to you in an online website resume.
  • It is basically a digital introduction to every single aspect of your personality.
  • An online website comprises your official skills as well as your hidden talents. These are the exact hidden talents that can help you stand out of the crowd.

Why should you consider a Web Resume developing service?

In this fast paced dynamic world, technology is rapidly evolving.

From sending messages via telegrams to carrying all the information of the entire world in our pockets. We have come a long way.

A web resume is something which is publicly visible to every single person with internet access.

Due to a web resume’s accessibility and transparency over the internet, a web resume should be effective as well as aesthetic.

In order to develop a perfect web resume, one has to keep all the technical as well as non-technical aspects in mind.

Otherwise by spending on a random domain you are accomplishing nothing but a wastage of both money and time.

Yeah, you read that right. And this is why we have an Online Website Resume Developing service.

The following points prove that why a service like this is so important:

  • A web resume developing service cuts off the tricky part of selection and technical part of perfect aesthetics.
  • A web resume developing service saves you the most precious asset of your life i.e. your time.
  • When you hire our online website developing service, it empowers you to provide the professional touch of your unexplored skill set to your recruiter.
  • Apart from this, a professionally developed web resume will reflect your 100% potential which will eventually increase your chances of selection.
  • In this competitive world, you HAVE to take a step ahead from others to secure a bright career.

What does a web resume writing service actually do?

A web resume writing service does everything from buying your domain name to hosting and providing your domain the SSL Certificate.

(Well if you don’t have any idea about Web design, Domain, Hosting, SSL certificate and Search engine optimisation and then it is one of the reasons for why you should consider a web resume writing service.)

To be very clear, making a website and maintaining it is not everyone’s cup of tea. There is no room for any kind of error.

A web resume should be attractive as well as efficient. That’s why it’s very important to let our professionals handle the hectic part for you.

But the question is what difference will it make when a professional handicrafts a web resume for you?

  • It starts from naming your domain. There can be hundreds of people with the same name so your domain’s name should be unique.
  • Our web resume service gives your website domain a professionally attractive name. This helps in attracting more number of people to the website.
  • A professional developer then take your career details as well as details related to your untouched skills. These are those particular skills that can easily overpower you from others.
  • The developer then works on the aesthetic part of the website carving every single detail in proper order.
  • Every single data set obtained from you is then utilized and fixed accordingly.

Apart from doing visible work on the appearance of your online website, our developer ensures that technical factors are also maintained.

Domain hosting and Content writing are two key factors that are kept in mind while creating an advanced website resume.

  • A hosting server is just like the home of your website, where all your data is stored securely.
  • Just like a normal home, a hosting server also needs a unique address. Our developers provide that address to the server.
  • Secure Sockets Layers or SSL is a certificate which provides security protocol to your website.
  • Normally you have to pay for an SSL, Domain and Hosting separately but our package includes it by default.
  • Moreover, an SSL certificate gives reliability to your website and increases your online website resume’s trust factor.

Building an online website resume includes hard work and technical mastery. Been told that our developers are experts in what they do, you just have to initiate the process.

How much does a Website Resume cost?

A web resume service has a dynamic range of cost. It takes a lot of research and technical assistance to carve a perfect web resume.

These factors increase the value of the service which eventually increases the cost of the service too.

The cost of our service is affected mainly by the years of experience you have in you field.

Experience(in years)Cost
0-115,000 ₹
1-517,000 ₹
5-1019,000 ₹
10-2521,000 ₹

Well to summarize it all, our web resume’s service does not only cut off your exertion of buying a domain and working on it. It also ensures that each penny you spend on writing is utilized with full efficiency.

The best part about our service is that once you complete your payment, everything comes on us.

Apart from surrendering your details to our developer, you don’t have to worry about anything else. Just wait for a little span of time and boom!

You are all set to impress your recruiter with that extra spark without a dobut.

The manoeuvre of unconventional approach

With the increasing competition in everyday’s life, conventional methods are becoming outdated. You need to have a modern approach for what accomplishing the success you desire.

Although a conventional resume will not lose its importance but it is also evolving from just a piece of paper to an easily accessible PDF file.

In order to highlight yourself from a crowd with thousands of professionals like you, you have to carry an X-factor within yourself.

An online website resume will act as an X-factor and will aid you with the unconventional thought process.

These are the key points telling why an unconventional approach is effective:

  • It gives you the privilege to be more visible in front of your recruiter.
  • Additionally it gives you the advantage to make every aspect of your skill-set transparent in front of the recruiter’s eyes.
  • When everyone is playing the same game, it empowers you to change it.
  • One of the most important factors is that it boosts your self confidence.
  • It creates a positive image of you not only in front of the recruiter but also in your social life.
  • These little steps are what count when the competition is fierce and the employer has to find something out of the box.
Google is the first place where you go to search for a prominent person. Well now it’s your time to top that list.

Employers tend to run a digital background check before selecting a candidate for their company. Just like everyone else, Google is the first place to start with.

With a highly active website with optimized keywords for topping the search results, a good web resume can develop your entire image in front of your recruiter.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

What kind of details does the developer ask for?

Our developer will ask you for your conventional resume as well as miscellaneous work to develop your profile.

Are there any additional payments other than paying for website development?

We will be charging 5,000 ₹ for domain, hosting and SSL renewal annually.

Is there a cashback policy?

No. We are here to make sure that you won’t be needing one.

How many days will it take to get my online website resume?

Our dedicated team of developers won’t take more than two weeks to present you your perfect online website resume.

How will your developer contact me?

Our developer will contact you as per as your convenience. It includes phone calls, e-mail, whats app and telegram.

What is the range of availability of this service?

This service is available worldwide. You are just one click away from us.

Can someone who is just about to start his career sign in to your service?

Anyone who dares to dream can take the advantage of our service. We are ready to help you anytime.

Do you take extra charges for updating the website?

We update minor details for our customer till 1 year. After that a fixed amount of updating cost is charged.

Will the developer ask about my personal details too?

When you become a part of our family, your privacy remains in your hands. You will be choosing the amount of information to reveal in developing your resume.

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