resume writing testimonials

Ashish Vara

Embedded Engineer [Pune, Maharashtra, India]

I don’t know how to start with, but the experience with you people is just amazing. As you not only helped me in preparation of my CV but also gave back my confidence that I could do what I could do. I have been getting interview calls, and with great pleasure I would like to thank you people for getting this done. Your services are indeed the best in class.

Nikunj Badagujar

Service Engineer [Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India]

It was a while I had been job hunting, but there were no positive results. I felt disheartened and discouraged as to why I wasn’t getting interview calls. I couldn’t actually figure out what the issue was. But thanks to Flashdoor Resume Writing, They came as a helping hand in my life. They helped me figure out the flaws in my resume which were like roadblocks to my success. I’m glad they refined my resume as per my experience and knowledge. Now I have an amazing CV as well as a confident personality.

Janki Gajjar

SEO Manager [New Delhi, India]

I learned it hard that it was my resume that wasn’t getting me a good job. I came across flashdoor and am really happy and satisfied the way they have dealt with my CV preparation. It is crisp, to the point and professional. Their highly professional resume writers are very well experienced people who know what they are doing and how they are doing. I highly recommend them to those who are looking for professional resume writing services across India.

Mann Soni

Purchase Engineer [Vadodara, Gujarat, India]

Since two years, I was unsatisfied with my job and was desperately looking for a change. But I hardly got any luck anywhere. I never received any calls from recruiters regarding my CV getting selected. I did not know what to do, where to go, was not even aware of how to get some professional help that would help me get my dream profile. Everything seemed blank before I came across this fantastic team of professionals who promised me that I would someday make it to my dream job. They worked closely with me on my resume. Letting me know each and every decision they took while drafting my CV. Their personalised approach is what makes me satisfied with their work. They are not just a team but a family that works closely to get the best results.

Jayesh Prajapati

Mechanical Engineer [Mumbai, Maharashtra, India]

Pocket friendly affordable packages with unmatchable resume writing service. Highly appreciate their efforts and hard work.

Aatish Kaul

Marketing Manager [Jammu, Jammu & Kashmir, India]

My CV looks great! I’m glad it came out so good because my friends were so furious when I told them that I got one professionally written. They thought I could do it myself, which I could have, but it wouldn’t have looked this amazing! You did a great job, thank you. I’m very impressed with your professional CV writer’s work.

Akash Rustagi

Associate R&D Engineer [Bangalore, Karnataka, India]

I had always been told many times that I was almost too qualified. With so many years of experience, I still couldn’t write this amazing CV. Honestly, I’m good at what I do but writing isn’t my cup of tea or either coffee. I had accepted that I’m just too bad at it. And then I walked up to you guys and your professional cv writers gave me up to date resume which was not only compelling but clear and concise. This is truly a worthwhile service your company offers.

Manish Gera

Tele Caller [Jaipur, Rajasthan, India]

The last time I went for an interview where my friend refereed me. One of the recruiters told me that my CV especially summary of qualifications was one of the best written he has ever seen. Thank you so much for giving me the best ever CV of my life. It’s something I’m going to cherish a long way.

Govardhan Pasupulla

Java Developer [Hyderabad, Telangana, India]

Wow! Is that me? Well that was my first reaction when I saw my CV. You guys have no idea how much I prefer your version of ‘me’. Thank you for all your time and work. I REALLY loved the end results, these are out of the world.

Dev Pal

Sales Officer [Shri Ganganagar, Rajasthan, India]

My new resume is great… amazing, that is! I can’t believe what exact blunders I had done with the older version of my resume. My old resume was too boring; you really did a very good job on that boring resume. I’m glad to have taken your resume writing services. Both the content and the format looks great. Also, you guys are professionally excellent. I would recommend you to my network.

Pankaj Magan

Marketing Advisor [Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India]

I am thrilled with the level of dedication for work you have done! I am more than satisfied with the final draft. Your help went far beyond what I expected, and I am grateful. In addition to your superb writing skills, I am also impressed with the prompt service you gave me. You have done a great job!! Incidentally, I have a promising interview with my dream company the next week. I obtained this interview using the resume you guys drafted for me.

Gaurav Sharma

Public Relation Manager [NCR, Uttar Pradesh, India]

Even before just starting with your resume writing services, I was way more than perplexed! I wasn’t sure whether this will be a right decision or not. But to my surprise your services were worth every penny! The results were better than I imagined. I’m glad that I took your services because I managed to get a job in my domain with the CV prepared by you guys.

Arslan Afzal

Sales Officer [Mumbai, Maharashtra, India]

I remember the day you guys sent me the final draft of my CV. And all I could do was go gaga over it. My first words were, This is absolutely perfect.. I couldn’t be happier!!! I didn’t know I sounded this great on the professional front !!! Thank you soooooooo much for this bliss. You have no idea how you just made my life much brighter.

Vipul Jain

Marketing Head [Delhi, India]

I just don’t know how to thank you guys but I am going to do it again and again. Thank you again for the fantastic resume. You definitely exceeded my expectations! When I told my friend about all the rejections, I have been facing, like I never got a call from recruiter regarding interviews. That is when my friend convinced me that I needed a professional resume. I wasn’t sure how to find someone who would be of great help. I looked in the newspapers and magazines but found very few listings. I decided to search online and that of course is how I found you. When you made your first contact, that was very encouraging, but when we saw the first draft, we were blown away! Like it was wow! We knew we had made the right decision. I am confident that the resume you created will open up doors for me.

Saurabh Karanjawkar

Business Development Manager [Mumbai, Maharashtra, India]

With the plethora of choices available for professional resume writing services, I was hoping to find the right company for me. I’ve heard many stories about people wasting money on less than professional services in this field and I never wanted to be one. So with loads of doubts initially, I somehow had hopes that this won’t be a wrong choice and happy to know that it’s not. I’m sure my new resume will have me working in no time. I will confidently recommend to anyone looking for help.. Just point me in the right direction.

Iqbal Singh

Vise President [Amritsar, Punjab, India]

I would like to thank all the guys at your company for their hard work and dedication in putting together my resume. I have always created my own resumes but it never got me any satisfying job. It was the resume prepared by you that got me a good job opportunity. Over the years, I have obtained a lot of experience, so my resume has grown quite lengthy. After years of no success on my own, I turned to these people for assistance. I was immediately impressed by their professionalism. They indeed do what they are good at- firstly they collected all the required information from me about myself including job, what my day looks like at work, what kind of job I’m looking for, my experience, skills and everything professional did an excellent job of summarizing it together into a great final draft. Their friendly and comfortable approach worked closely with me to get and answered all my questions. I immediately began to receive calls from employers and was able to secure a job with a salary increase. Whatever the cost you pay, it was a bargain with this kind of service! I have already recommended your services to my professional network and friends and everyone seeking help in getting their dream job.

Ashish Kumar Sinha

Assistant Professor [Kolkata, West Bengal, India]

I found the resume preparation process by them to be the most streamlined, organized, time-sensitive, and high-quality process I could have ever found. You always have doubts while you start to take services from someone who isn’t known to you, but to my surprise, these people are just amazing. They stick to their timelines, prepare the most professional kind of resumes, and yes above all, make you more conformable by sharing all the details one on one. They were so much joy to work with. I will keep you posted on my job search now that I feel that I’m fully armed!!! I cannot thank you enough.

Pulkit Bajaj

Chief Technical Officer [Chandigarh, Haryana, India]

I don’t know how to say all this, but I am delighted with my experience with you. You were very responsive and also quite patient at times when I lost my own. Your professional resume writers always had a willing ear for all the feedback I gave and the changes I wanted. At the same time, you guided me in ensuring that I had the right resume. It was really great and I would happily recommend my friends to get a hand of your resume writing services as soon as possible. I will also be back when I need my CV to be updated.

Dinesh Vel

Web Developer [Hyderabad, Telangana, India]

After vast research, I finally found the correct resume writing services at your doorstep. My search went from newspaper to newspaper, and from a magazine to magazine, and then I came across you guys after a search online and writing to several of the websites. What clicked me to hang on here was your responsive reply. I had put in a lot of queries in the mail, and I was glad that you read my mail seriously and replied to all the queries patiently. I am so happy that I made the right choice.

Vineet Maheshwari

Quality Analyst [Gandhidham, Gujarat, India]

I thought I might just inform you guys that I got a new job recently after you provided me with my resume. I’m officially what I wanted to be. Thanks a lot for your work rewriting my inefficient resume. I found an awesome opportunity, and I am really happy to convert it. It took less than a month’s time from your rewrite to find me a good job.

Ayesha Malik

Sales – Team Lead [Mumbai, Maharashtra, India]

I always thought that my life was unfair. All of my friends were flying with multicoloured, they all got their dream jobs in their favourite industry, and here I was. Sitting at my old job, thinking about what kind of failure I have been all this while. There was no industry or company I didn’t apply to, but there was no luck. Even after so many years of experience, I thought that I lacked the skills to convert a job. Also, while I was working on my resume, it never really came to my mind that I may not be the problem, but instead it could be my CV that wasn’t enough to justify my skills and experience. I discussed my issues with a professional, and she suggested me to hire a resume writing company that would get me the best of my skill on the paper. After all resume is not any simple paper or document, it’s something of great importance as it’s the first thing that the recruiter comes across, and with less than 1 minute, they have to decide what resume to select for the interview round. I wasn’t really thinking of approaching these guys, but I gave it a trial a shot as to see what could happen. Well, I need to admit this, but I was awestruck the way these guys worked. They were very professional in their approach from the very beginning till the end. I always found them approachable. Everything that was added to my CV was first told to me, and all the drafts were duly shared with me at a specified time. They are highly professional and true to their offerings, and it is because of the resume written by them that I converted my recent job. Thank you guys it’s because of you I started believing in myself again.

Brendon Buthello

Senior Business Development Manager [Chennai, Tamilnadu, India]

It has been my pleasure working with you on my resume. I was slightly amused at the fact that after putting on so many years of service, that too in senior management roles, never in my wildest dreams, I thought that I would require a professional resume writer’s advice for my own resume. I started writing myself, and with a bad face it was leading to nowhere. That was the time I realized that I needed an expert to put my broken pieces together. I looked for various writers and found them at top-rated in many surveys. Therefore I instantly opted for your service. From the very first call to the final dispatch of my order, I found thorough professionalism in your whole team, and you did not disappoint me. Now I have a well-crafted resume. Thanks for your best in class resume writing services.

Manmeet Pal Singh

Business Head [Delhi, India]

I am thrilled with the professional resume you wrote for me. Your input and attention to detail, plus the time you spent discussing the details with me, are most appreciated. It was very important to me that my resume is written by someone who has experience in writing really well resumes, and you exceeded my expectations in handling every bit of the word and format. This process was a breeze; I will definitely recommend your services to my other professionals. Thank you, for now, and forever!

Chandan Chourasia

Dot Net Developer [Kolkata, West Bengal, India]

Hey there, I just wanted to convey my regards to your professional resume writers as they did an incredible on my resume that finally landed me calls from best of recruiters across industries. Your team was always available whenever I had a question and made me feel confident that my resume was in good hands. Thank you for assigning the best resume writer, couldn’t have done it without her.

Murthy Ravi

QA Team Lead [Chennai, Tamilnadu, India]

Thankful is a small word to say it to someone who has helped you reach your professional goals. They not only helped me with my CV writing but also helped me in believing in myself again.

Sukhchain Singh

Senior Software Developer [Delhi, India]

I was looking for a resume writing service in Delhi as I planned to restart my career after seven years of break. After intense research, I finally found the best resume writing services through which I got an amazing resume that became the first step towards kick starting my career again.

Sayeed A Aaman

iOs Developer [Dhaka, Bangladesh]

I still remember the day when I first came across your resume writing services. I was baffled whether I should opt for the packages offered by you or not because I never had the experience of getting a resume made from a professional resume writer. But I am very happy to have worked with you to prepare the best version of my CV.

Ravi Mehta

Networking Engineer [Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India]

Wonderful team producing wonderful results. God bless you all with everything you guys do.

Ashish Sonawane

Dot Net Developer – Team Lead [Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India]

Such a nice and friendly team you people are. Always available to answer any kind of query.

Hardik Shah

Network Administrator [Baroda, Gujarat, India]

I am completely satisfied with the documents, they are so much better than what I could do on my own! Thank you, Sincerely for all your help.

Mahek Sharma

Data Analyst [Kota, Rajasthan, India]

I am completely satisfied with the documents; they are so much better than what I could do on my own! Thank you, Sincerely for all your help.

Aamir Qureshi

Facility Coordinator [Abudhabi, United Arab Emirates]

Thank you so much for the great resume! It’s nice having confidence back in yourself, thinking that what you have given to the employers is the best version of your resume. I also appreciate your promptness and willingness to go the extra mile for your clients. Also, I will be more than happy to recommend you to my friends and family who are in dire need to get a job change or a new job at all.

Abhay Lalit

Android Developer [Bhopal, Madhyapradesh, India]

Thank you so much! I am completely satisfied. You did a wonderful job.”
“What magic did you do to my resume? You guys just transformed it into the best thing ever I could imagine about myself. The resume is great indeed outstanding, that is!. Both the content and the format look great. Also, your service has been excellent.

Abhilash Sethu

Data Architect [Tridendrum, Kerala, India]

I really like the way my new re-written resume looks. You guys are the best in what you do i.e., in providing the best in class resume writing services that make you the top company. I have never used a resume service because there are so many of them out there, and I wasn’t really sure how to go about selecting the most beneficial one that would yield good results for my career. You were recommended by one of my friends, so I knew you had to be one of the best. Thank you. I will highly recommend people to get their resume written from your professional resume writers, especially to all of my friends as a starting place in seeking new employment.

Sangram Satapathy

Assistant Manager Finance [Kochi, Kerala, India]

Just dropped here to say that it was a pleasure to work with one of your resume writers who had helped me out in preparing my resume that landed me in a job last week. I was always pleased with the final resume I received. My experience has been outstanding. The ease in ordering online and completing the resume writing process is very simple. I will definitely recommend your services in the future.

Sohela Khanam

Staff Nurse [Kanpur, UP, India]

Within two days of receiving the resume you wrote, I got an interview in my dream Hospital. You know what? I got the job! And I don’t really know how to thank each one of you for the efforts you guys have put in! You guys made my resume to be yours and working on it as if you were working on your resume. The personalized and well informed status update on what has been done to my resume was the best features and experience till now and will be forever.

Santosh Kumar Soma

Charted Accountant [Chennai, TN, India]

The resume you created for me got me hired into three positions. I was hired before I even arrived for my interview based on the resume, they said the way my resume was written they already got to learn about my experience and skills. They hired me over several other individuals. There’s nothing much left to say, but your skills are amazing at resume writing as you helped me get a job within hours of submitting my resume. Thank you very much!

Balwan Sharma

.Net Web Developer [Sirsa, Haryana, India]

I know it been a bit late but I just wanted to let you know that I got a job. And they appreciated me by saying that my resume was the best of the lot and its something very professional and crisp they had seen in ad seen in a very long time. Thanks again.

Sharath Shetty

Senior Chartered Accountant [Uppala, Kerala, India]

Achieving your dreams is way far away than actually reaching near to it! I had faced a similar situation where everything I did about my professional goals simply counted to zero. I wrote and rewrote my resume by taking the help of my friends, family, by going through blogs on how to write a perfect CV. Every piece and source of information has a different point of view, and there were times when the point of view even clashed one said this was the best the other said no! you better not do that else it would just hamper your CV and land you nowhere. Some were just trying to prove their points, and others were trying to point out flaws in I was told. Nobody gave me the right kind of solution or a CV, and I was back to square one with no result! Was really finding it difficult in this competitive world to make my mark. I knew and was also confident about my skills as I decent experience, but when it came to writing down in my Resume, it was a tedious task to make points and justify my work in works. It somehow just didn’t come to me. I finally went online to see what could be the best solution to my problem. And then I figured out that we had services like online resume writing. I started searching for the best company that provides me with resume writing services to enhance my CV and get me the best of the jib in the city. Then I came across this website. I compared the services offered and the prices of the packages available, which came out to be really affordable across the level of services that are offered. I, without wasting my time, contacted these guys and to my surprise, I got a prompt reply, which was a head-on one pointer because when it comes to professional life, we hardly want any loopholes and mismanagement with our resumes. From the starting point till the end, the resume writers were very professional and calm in their approach. They started off with a well conducted survey where I was given questions on my skills, my interest, my personal traits, strengths and weakness, and also on my education qualification, my experience, and where and what industry I want to see myself in. Everything from starting till the end was crisp and consistent. There were no flaws in their approach, as it was systematic and easy. I was given a timeline by when I can expect my CV, and it was delivered before that! They stood by their words very seriously and made it a point to update me about my CV, so if I ever want to make any changes. I was really impressed with the whole system and the entire team. If I were to give an award, then ill surely say that they are the best resume writing services in India! Yes, the entire Nation. After all the process was completed, and when I got the first draft of my resume, I couldn’t even believe it through my eyes. It was something soothing! Something out of the world!. I never expected them to give me such a perfect copy of my resume. I sat down and compared it with the resume I had drafted on my own, and the one they had provided me and I could actually differentiate between the two like the professional one is something one cannot beat, and the one I had made looked really pale. That is why they that the professional resume writing services are a must when you get instant results. I am glad that I chose one of the best service providers, and I would recommend that you should also choose them if you want to really move ahead in life.

Mohit Parmar

Campaign Specialist [Indore, MP, India]

I know it been a bit late but I just wanted to let you know that I got a job. And they appreciated me by saying that my resume was the best of the lot and its something very professional and crisp they had seen in ad seen in a very long time. Thank You.

Robin Mathew

Software Sales [Thane, MH, India]

Their work was great. It only took me one time to submit my resume to a company. I got call immediately and was told that my resume was very impressive. The team asked me the few questions that I didn’t think to put on a resume to project all my success. It was really great to leave the interview and already have a thank you letter to email afterward.

Sanjay Adhikary

System Software Engineer [Lucknow, UP, India]

This was the best investment I made. I received my updated resume on time. By the end of the day, I already had 5 interviews lined up. There is no question that my current resume gave me the edge I needed!

Vinith Reddy

Embedded Software Engineer [Hyderabad, AP, India]

Everything is going very well. The resume was excellent and opened quite a few doors. I now work for a company I always wanted to work with. They were impressed with my resume! Thanks, and if I need another resume, which I probably will in a few years, I will be back! To you.

Ismail Shaikh

Software Developer [Chittagong, Bangladesh]

My professional resume writer did an outstanding job preparing my resume. He had a great intake process that really works at speeding up the process. The team is nothing than a great wordsmith, and once you get your draft back they can change any word or words that you don’t like and quickly make it just right.

Kamal Jeet

Accountant [Nagpur, MH, India]

The services have been fast at the turn around with great first drafts itself
A team full of professionals, providing services at affordable prices
The talent these resume writers of your company have is unmatchable. They can turn any coal into gold.

Paramveer Singh

SQL Engineer [Culcutta, WB, India]

Always ready to help! They can make changes in a jiffy if you are not satisfied with the draft.

Dhanu Sadashiva Suvarna

Technical Superintendent [Dubai, UAE]

Their services are absolutely phenomenal, and I was blown away at the resume they created for me. They took my 3-page resume and condensed it to a 2-page resume and presented me as a serious professional, and that would be a strong asset to a company. It has a very attractive layout that is easy to read and really highlights my skills, qualifications and experience. When companies are looking at your resume, you only have a few seconds to impress them, present what you’ve done and how that can apply to the job you are seeking. The resume and cover letter the resume writers created for me does exactly that. They wrote my experience and accomplishments in the language that companies are looking for, using industry specific keywords to exemplify my career history and really sell my abilities. I was hesitant at first. I thought I had a good resume after spending years working on it and re-working it. But a friend strongly recommended that I get a professional to look at it because this is my career and future that are on the line. After receiving my first resume draft in hindsight, I wished I would have contacted them sooner. It is absolutely what I needed to sell my abilities to companies and get interviews. If you are questioning whether or not to have them on board for your resume writing, look at your resume, don’t think about it. Absolutely have them create you a professional resume. This is your career and it is the best thing you could do to get in the door.

Mohammed Lukmon

Deputy General Manager [Chennai, TN, India]

Thank you again for updating and reformatting my resume. You will be happy to know that I used it to apply for another job, and I GOT IT!

Anjum Patel

Product Engineer [Bangalore, Karnataka, India]

I had a great experience with them, and I highly recommend them for your next-door resume writing services.

Chethan BV

Marine Engineer [Visakhapatnam, AP, India]

Their services are just a call away! Thanks for everything team.

Gaganpreet Singh

System Analyst [Faridabad, UP, India]

The team is very supportive towards job seekers.

Sumit Kapoor

Service Delivery Manager [Mumbai, MH, India]

I got a job shortly after you emailed my resume to me. I want to thank you for your help. I know you are a business, and I paid you for your service, but I want to acknowledge your talent and say thanks for what you did for me. It is too easy to overlook a person’s talent when a service is paid for.

Kancha Chora

Deputy Chief Manager [Kathmandu, Nepal]

No I don’t have any flare on my resume. Thanks guys, the feel is amazing. Thanks again. I hope many more people hire you for your help. You might want to raise your rates because the value you provided was far above what I paid you.

Basanta Gharti

Area Manager [Kathmandu, Nepal]

It is often looked at as a typical business transaction to me while I was trying to find a resume writing service, but I was impressed by their friendly but professional approach.

Anikha Rao

Sales Officer [Gurgaon, Haryana, India]

No I don’t have any flare on my resume. Thanks guys, the feel is amazing. Thanks again. I hope many more people hire you for your help. You might want to raise your rates because the value you provided was far above what I paid you.

Chintan Panchal

PHP Web Developer [Surat, Gujarat, India]

I am now happily employed. I was hired almost immediately once I started looking– within a week or so with the resume provided by them. I recommended you to a few people.

Yash Vardhan Singh

Bank Manager [Indore, MP, India]

The best part is now that I can choose what offer to take or reject as I have a resume that can get me any kind of job I wish for. Thank you for your services these are beyond words.

Atul Saxena

Chief Financial Officer [Patna, Bihar, India]

These guys are as a great choice for a resume rewrite. I vetted a number of candidates, but in the end I felt that:

  1. The outline they sent me to build the best possible resume.
  2. The format they used for the final resume is outstanding.
  3. The speed with which they communicated is prompt.
  4. Their track record of satisfied clients made them the right choice for the job.

Mukund Yadav

Advocate [Noida, UP, India]

You get a one on one professional resume writer who communicates quickly throughout the process, he was quick to deliver the drafts and rewrites, and he was very professional and courteous.

Umair Pasha

Chemical Engineer [Thimphu, Bhutan]

Let me admit that I’ve worked with a handful of resume writers online before, but I’ve never dealt with someone as PRO as them. This was a no muss, no fuss process from start to finish.

Hafiz Vaid

Quality Analyst [Dhaka, Bangladesh]

The team wastes no time on needless back and forth. They take the information the first time, produce a great product, and yet is super responsive to feedback.

Deepika Patel

Web Designer [Mumbai, MH, India]

The team of yours has my highest recommendation. If you want the best resume that will make your phone ring, then they are the ONLY-AND-ONLY choice!

Rakesh Sohel

Jr. Software Developer [Gurugram, Haryana, India]

Dear team, I wanted to extend a thank you for the great resume. I got my first offer by submitting the resume I got made from you. Thank you again; you are a true master of your craft. Everyone should be using your services. Cheers to many years of success.

Amit Thakur

Senior Manager – Legal [Kota, Rajasthan, India]

My professional resume writer who was assigned by them did a great job on my new resume. I was having trouble adjusting my previous qualifications for a career shift, but he knew exactly what to do–Great formatting and proper word choice. I received an immediate call from the first employer I sent the resume too!

Pratyush Vats

Medical Representative [Ranchi, Jharkhand, India]

First of all, thank you again for your outstanding resume writing service for my resume. Things are moving along really nicely – I got the job that I had hoped to get, and they are continuing to expand what I will be doing, so I’m grateful.

Sachith Sumanathilake

Digital Marketing Manager [Colombo, Shri Lanka]

You guys know what The type of position I told you I wanted to target opened up at my dream company in January, and I was offered the job out of over 250 applicants. I also had a lot of comments on how nice my résumé looked in the short time I was looking. I’m so happy where I am now and can’t thank you enough for your resume writing services!

Sumith Liyanagamage

Vice President – Sales [Colombo, Shri Lanka]

Thanks for the fantastic resume. I have referred a friend of mine for your professional resume writing services, which are quick and affordable. He was looking for someone to rework his resume. I have another friend, who also wants her resume, and I am recommending her you as well.

Safan Virani

Graphic Designer [Mumbai, Maharashtra, India]

You guys are a true masters of your craft. Thanks for getting this material back to me so soon. I am already getting hits on this. Thanks again for all your assistance.

Teeshan Dias

Business Analyst [Dubai, UAE]

So, yes, your resume helped me get fantastic results in returning to the workforce after a gap from services, making a rather drastic career change. Thank you!! 🙂 I had feedback from interviewers and recruiters, too, in that short time, and they all loved the resume!

Rishabh Pahwa

Banking Executive [Pune, MH, India]

Your resume packages are just affordable. Thank you for the resume you designed for me it was instrumental in me finding multiple job opportunities. The language you used along with littering keywords of the jobs I wanted were a huge success. Thank you.

Nirmal Desai

Laravel Developer [Rajkot, Gujarat, India]

Hey, team. I’ve given it to a bunch of people over the last couple of days and explained how well it worked for me. The job I got after I posted the resume you made, it’s my dream career. I feel like I’m doing what I’m meant to do every day, and I’m working toward a very successful career, and off to a fast start! I wanted to thank you again for your hand in it.

Abhay Goel

Business Development Executive [Hyderabad, Telangana, India]

Hi. All I have to say is WOW! Your talented resume writers totally floor me. This is a great resume and worth every penny and then some. I love the format. I would recommend you in a heartbeat!!

Mayank Rana

SEO Executive [Delhi, India]

Your resume skills paid off, and I landed a job. Thanks again for your talents.

Saifi Abbas Rizvi

Sr. Digital Marketing Manager [Noida, UP, India]

Hey guys, things are actually going very well now. I’m very happy with my resume and made a huge difference in my life as I am getting calls from big giants who are impressed with my resume and want to hire me. It’s like a 360 degree turn from no job opportunities to so many job opportunities.

Rajesh Harekala

Data Analyst [Mangalore, Karnataka, India]

I just started sending out the resume about last week. It is very catchy, as I have gotten about 5 calls from interested companies, and had 2 phone interviews. I am waiting to hear back from those 2 places.

Geetha Ganesh

Software Support Engineer [Mangalore, Karnataka, India]

The resume you prepared was instrumental in my success. I have given your information out to a couple of my friends who are also in the midst of a job search. I’ve told them to let you know that I referred them. Thank you for your follow up.

Pratibha Kulai

Teaching Associate – Economics [Chennai, Tamilnadu, India]

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Showhad Goonakda

Mean Stack Developer [Bangalore, Karnataka, India]

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Denzil Karkada

Full Stack Developer [Bangalore, Karnataka, India]

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Aishwarya Modi

WordPress Developer [Gandhidham, Gujarat, India]

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Rajat Bhatt

VLSI Developer [Bangalore, Karnataka, India]

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Ketan Patel

Embedded C Developer [Pune, MH, India]

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Area Sales Executive [Hyderabad, Telangana, India]

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Sales Manager [Mumbai, MH, India]

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Aangi Mehta

Finance Executive [Pune, MH, India]

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Devyani Vaishnaw

Store Manager [Thane, MH, India]

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Assi. Professor [Vadodara, Gujarat, India]

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Aakash Chopara

Marketing Communication Executive [New York, USA]

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Abhinand Mukka

Software Engineer [Hyderabad, Telangana, India]

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Lakshmi Varma Namburi

Software System Engineer [Hyderabad, Telangana, India]

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Ajeez Shaik

Dot Net Developer [Bangalore, Karnataka, India]

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Ashwini Gururaj

SoC Design Engineer [Intel] [Hyderabad, Telangana, India]

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Sandeep Rathore

PHP Developer [Mumbai, MH, India]

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Keshav Tibrewal

Business Development Executive [Delhi, India]

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Rajesh Jat

Marketing Executive [Jaipur, RJ, India]

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Chief Executive Officer [New Delhi, India]

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Niranjan Behera

Account – Head [Bhubaneswar, Orissa, India]

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PPC Executive [Bangalore, Karnataka, India]

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Bharat Manseta

Lead Analyst [NCR, UP, India]

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Ritu Panchal

Admin Executive [Kanpur, UP, India]

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Tapas Kumar Bhunia

Assistant Manager [Coimbatore, TN, India]

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Mohini Desai

Assistant Manager – Accounting [Rajkot, Gujarat, India]

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Bhumi Nagori

Trade Marketing Manager [Guwahati, Assam, India]

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Priyal Nayak

Store & Purchase Officer [Udaipur, RJ, India]

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Mohammad Hafiz

Electrical Engineer [Dhaka, Bangladesh]

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Shubham Raj

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer [Coimbatore, TN, India]

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Rishab Mehta

Marine Engineer [Coimbatore, TN, India]

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Vivek Bansal

Sr. Mining Engineer [Ranchi, Jharkhand, India]

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Ayush Kumar

Regional Head [Thane, MH, India]

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Rahul Dass

Mechanical Maintenance Engineer [Dhaka, Bangladesh]

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Areeb Siddiqui

Customer Service Executive [Dhaka, Bangladesh]

It was great to work with you for my resume. Providing years of experience, it was still a difficult task for me to put it down in words. A comprehensive and compact resume just didn’t come to me easily. But while working with you guys was an indeed easy task when submitting changes or asking for advice. The process does take some time, but it’s clear that there’s a ton of focus on each individual piece as each individual gets their own resume writer. Well worth the investment.

Abhishek Arora

Backend Developer [Pune, MH, India]

You professionals are fantastic! Especially my professional resume writer as she responded quickly to my emails, and her phone consultation was direct yet also personable – she asked the right questions about my career, education, skill and was also easy to talk to. The work she did for my CV is something special I cannot explain it in words. She took a 3 page disorganized CV to an easily digestible 2 pages with fantastic formatting. She worked with several revisions of my CV with ease. Would highly recommend their affordable resume writing services!

Shyam Khatri

Territory Sales Manager [Bhopal, MP, India]

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Mayank Dahiya

Frontend Developer [Kota, RJ, India]

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Shubham Joshi

UI UX Designer [Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India]

Great experience overall. I’m actually excited to start applying for jobs.

Anurag Chauhan

Customer Relationship Manager [Hyderabad, Telangana, India]

Let me confess that I’ve never been a believer in blind-applying to a company with no contacts. I’ve tried it in the past, and it’s never worked. Since you reworked my resume, I started blind applying, and I got tons of phone interviews! One said she picked my resume out of a stack of 400. Thank you so, so much for your help. It was a great career investment to work with you.

Jaydevi Chaun

Java Engineer [Mumbai, MH, India]

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Swadhin Rout

Android Developer [Ludhiana, Punjab, India]

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Shahil Sinha

Full Stack Web Developer [Kolkata, WB, India]

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Chandrodaya Chatterjee

French Language Expert [Kolkata, WB, India]

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Yash Patel

iOs Developer [Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India]

I have been very clumsy when it came to preparing my CV, but working with you guys, It was such an eye-opening experience for me. You were able to understand what my resume was saying to recruiters and help me highlight what I wanted it to communicate. I loved that you were direct, honest, detailed, and incredibly efficient—something which I have missed out on my resume all this while. I am currently in the interview process for several jobs, and I don’t think I would have even gotten a call back without your assistance!

Gautam Jha

Graphics Design Specialist [Pune, MH, India]

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Raju Bera

Social Media Executive [Bhutan]

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Dhananjay Soni

Real Estate Sales Manager [Surat, Gujarat, India]

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Harsh Yadav

Guest Relation Executive [Kanpur, UP, India]

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Arjun Reddy

Zoho Developer [Zoho] [Chennai, TN, India]

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Kirat Singh

Angular Developer [Amritsar, Punjab, India]

Since you have worked on my resume, the job offers have been pouring from everywhere I was recently offered and accepted a position with the company. I am very glad that I contacted you about my resume and feel that the changes that you made were critical in getting the attention of the recruiter and hiring manager.

Swapnil Pawar

Consultant – Product Support  [Nagpur, MH, India]

You guys put together for me a terrific Info graphic as my CV. Further, I found my resume writer to be very courteous, cheerful, and inspirational, and I definitely recommend your services further!

Atharva Bharat

Business Intelligence Analyst  [Ujjain, MP, India]

I haven’t used a resume for years – so I had no idea where to begin or what to start with. Even if I tried, I am sure that I would have ended up making a disaster out of it. Your team did an amazing job not only bringing it up to date but making it look clean and professional. I’m anxious to use it and start my new career!

Adanan Rafat

Shipping Executive [Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India]

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Avinash Sahu

Project Engineer [Halol, Gujarat, India]

My new resume looks great, and perhaps even more, the experience of working with you really helped to focus me in terms of my job search and career. I think I came out of the process with a clearer sense of what I have to offer as an employee seeking for a job opportunity. Thanks for letting this be a personal experience, which has given me a better chance to understand my own self!

Saurav Singla

Telemarketing Executive [Noida, UP, India]

I hired your services to rewrite my resume, and the experience was great throughout the process. You guys asked good questions, were responsive and open to my feedback, and your editing and writing made a big difference on my resume.

Amita Patidar

Property Analyst [New Delhi, Delhi, India]

The day after you finished up my resume, I submitted it to a job with the firm I was looking to work with. Got a call the next day, went through the process, and I’m happy to report I’m starting on it! So I just wanted to give you a big thanks for your help.

Kaushal Khandelwal

Pricing Services Analyst [Jaipur, Rajasthan, India]

Thank you for all of your hard work and for translating our conversations and surveys to a resume that accurately reflects my skills, talents, and career objective.

Harmandeep Singh Grewal

Market Data Analyst [Mumbai, MH, India]

Working with them was seamlessly fantastical.

Usha Jha

Aerospace Technical Author  [Mumbai, MH, India]

You guys are dedicated and reliable—a great connection and fun to work with.

Shreyanshi Sonawale

Desktop Support Engineer [Pune, MH, India]

A credible name and an incredible resource is what defines you guys. Of all the places I went to, you seem to be the most satisfying successful ones. You people helped me find the perfect job. I will always recommend your services to everyone who is looking to change their resume.

Pranjit Bora

Database Engineer [Mumbai, MH, India]

I always thought my old resume was okay, but the new version is much, much better. You don’t really care to understand the need for a good resume unless you face rejection for it. In recent years I came across a lot of recruiters who pointed out that my CV was the issue I didn’t convert the calls. Now my new CV is easier to understand and highlights the good work that I have done. And it’s all because of your great job. You really paid attention to the details and it shows and reflects in your work. Thanks again!

Rohit Upadhyay

Electronics and Telecommunication Engineer [NCR, UP, India]

To be very frank, I am quite impressed with the work you’ve done to my resume. I really like the format and outline of the resume. I would never would have thought to outline a resume like the way you did. A very big thank you!!!

Rushikesh Patil

Java Telecom Domain Expert [Bangalore, Karnataka, India]

The resume you provided me proved to be beneficial, as I’m going to be starting my new position.

Sanket Patel

Training Manager – Pharma [Vapi, Gujarat, India]

Your Resume writing services were extremely fast and responsive. The work showed a good understanding of what recruiters are looking for in resumes. I hope we can do this again!

Manoj Sharma

Quality Control Executive [Rohtak, Haryana, India]

I couldn’t stop reading the resume over and over again! Thank you! I will keep you updated on my job search.

Abdul Fulhu

Assistant Manager – Compliance & Legal  [Maldives]

Got the CV- Cracked the interview. Mission accomplished. It is always nice to see what a professional resume writer can do. Really nice to work with you all. I have already recommended your services to friends.

Rishi Thapa

Legal Manager [Kathmandu, Nepal]

The resume you prepared was wonderful. I have had a couple of interviews since then, and the feedback has been that my resume is impressive! Looking forward to working with you in the future while getting my CV Updated.

Shrujal Soni

Investment Banking Analyst [Pune, MH, India]

I did get a job using the resume you had prepared for me. Thanks.

Jagdeesh Adhikary

Salesforce Developer [Kathmandu, Nepal]

I love the resume prepared by you. Now wish me luck for my new job. You guys did an amazingly awesome work. I also got two interview calls and I converted one, which I’ll be joining soon. So, I guess that means you will need to update my resume with my new job.

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Social Media Marketing Manager [Patna, Bihar, India]

Within Two days they researched my situation immediately and turned around a great resume which does not compromise with the quality for sure. I look forward to using it.

Shuaib Sarkar

Online Sales Executive [Kolkata, West Bengal, India]

Would highly recommend everyone to use their CV writing services as they are very professional. And I am very pleased with their version of my Resume. Thank you..

Rishabh Bhandari

Relationship Officer [Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India]

Initially, I was very doubtful, but this service went beyond my expectations. My resume went from dull and boring too. . . remarkable! I’d hire myself if I saw my resume. Thank you!!! I highly recommend this resume writing service. Very reasonable rate and quick turnaround time. Cannot say enough about how pleased I am with the resumes.

Hemant Chauhan

Branch Manager [Kota, RJ, India]

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Krithika Konar

Senior Credit Analyst [Chennai, TN, India]

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Ketan Patel

Site Engineer [Surat, Gujarat, India]

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Deep Sharma

Branch Manager [Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India]

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Shiva Narayana

Network Manager [Bhopal, MP, India]

I just wanted to thank your professional resume writer for helping me with my resume! They do make a great difference with their amazing writing skills.

Harsh Tiwari

Financial Accountant [Patna, Bihar, India]

I just wanted to send you a quick update and let you know that I was offered an amazing new job role, and it’s all because of your resume writing services. Thank you!. Thank you so much for your help–I have no doubt that it was because of the stellar resume that I was able to get my foot in the door. I’ve had so many people look at it, and they were all very impressed.

Rahul Banerjee

Product Sales Manager [Kolkata, WB, India]

Though I am still looking for work, I have had several nice comments on my resume.

Sumit Ghosh

Divisional Sales Manager  [Kolkata, WB, India]

The resume created by you is simply awesome. I’m so excited and thanks again for your input and creativity, which has made me feel like a rockstar all this while.

Anil Kumar Dasari

Senior Associate [Cognizant] [Hyderabad, Telangana, India]

The resume did help quite a bit. I was able to get seven interviews after my first round of submissions with the new resume and ended up accepting a position. All of the interviewers commented on the “impressive” resume, and that’s a tribute to how you displayed my skills. Thanks again!

Aman Agarwal

Software Engineer [Danlaw Technologies India Pvt Ltd] [Pune, Maharashtra, India]

You guys did an excellent job of working with me around my schedule and delivered exactly what was promised within the timeline. I would recommend their services to anyone looking to have an effective and professional CV as they are the ones who go out of the way by preparing CVs of today for a better tomorrow.

Sandhya Chinni

Vise President – Senior Market Risk [Chennai, Tamilnadu, India]

I received my CV within hours of proposed time, and also I got a job shortly after I uploaded the same on different job portals. I want to thank you for your help. I know you are a business, and I paid you for your service, but I want to acknowledge your talent and say thanks for what you did for me. Sometimes It is too easy to overlook a person’s talent when a service is paid for. It is often looked at as a typical business transaction. Again, I want to recognize your talent and let you know that your ability to write a great resume has made a great financial difference in my life as well as a satisfaction from being in a career that I really like and trust me there’s nothing more satisfying and alluring than getting your hands on things you always dreamt of doing, it’s all because of you guys, and I just can keep thanking you for it. All the best for your new projects as I am going to recommend you guys to a lot of people who are seeking help in this CV preparation domain. I’ll keep you guys in my prayers.